Property Development Sabah



New Kimanis Town Sdn Bhd (Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Homelite Sdn Bhd) is looking to launch a variety of larger properties as part of their future development plans. A shopping mall is part of the grand proposal, only rivalled by the hotel and service apartment that will capitalize on the participation of trainees and course attendees who will converge in Kimanis for their work and training in the nearby Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal and Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre. A 2-storey food court will be one of the main features of this NKT space, potentially sitting beside an 8 storey office block with the convenience of 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor carpark bays that speaks to the modern design of current office blocks. With double lane road widths of 7.3m compared to the ordinary 6.7m, easier traffic flow can be established. With 767 parking spaces, the 612 required space will be more than accommodated.

NKT is set to make its mark in the Sabah market and to bring a creative and fervent difference to the local market. The organization is confident in its expansion in this Northern Borneo state and welcomes this great opportunity to be a part of building this new township of Kimanis.