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The following series of test established the physical properties of the roof tiles.

  1. Determination of Batten Lugs & Squareness
    • a. Tiles are hang on the test stand so that its batten lugs rest fully on the top edge of the test stand.
      b. The difference between the distance of the top and bottom corners of the adjacent to either side of the test stand shall not be more than 6mm. Concrete Roof Tiles - Methods of Testing
  2. Determination of Transverse Breaking Strength
    • a. The tile is supported at each end and a load is applied at a uniform rate to the midpoint until fracture occurs.
      b. The average and individual transverse breaking strength in saturaed condition shall not be less than 1100N and 880N respectively. Concrete Roof Tiles - Methods of Testing
  3. Determination of Water Permeability
    • a. Apparatus for water premability test.
      b. A tile is used as the bottom of a metal frame holding water to ascertain whether water penetrates to the underside of the tile.
      c. A 50mm head of water (measured from the invert of the main water-course) was maintained on the tile for 24 hours.
      d. No water should drip from the underside of the tile. Concrete Roof Tiles - Methods of Testing
  4. Determination of Water Absorption
    Saturated pieces of fractured tiles are separately weighed, over dried at 100 - 110 Degrees Celcius in a ventilated oven for 24 hours and reweighed. Concrete Roof Tiles - Methods of Testing

The decrease in weight is used to express th water absorption properties of the tiles.
The average % of water absorption shall not be more than 10%.


Sealer covers full width of the tiles, with correct temperature, thickness, atomizing pressure and velocity to penetrate and adhere to the colour coat. Sealer acts as a layer of membrane for protecting colour coating, reduce tiles' water permeability and gives glossy appearance to the top surface.


Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments
Consistent & reliable colours are a requirement for concrete roof tile manufacturer. At Miri Tiles, only certified and approved synthetic iron oxide pigments which provide those performances will be used for the colouring.
Take the safe way with Miri Tiles because Quality Assurance comes first for us from the very beginning.