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SIRIM Standard Mark

Miri Tiles are tested and approved to Malaysian Standard by SIRIM. The SIRIM Standard Mark is a registered certification trademark. The presence of this Standard Mark on Miri Tiles is an assurance that Miri Tiles have been produced under a system of supervision, control and testing operated during production and includes periodical inspection of the manufacturing process is in accordance with the Certification Marking Scheme of SIRIM designed to ensure compliance with Malaysian Standard.

The Standard, MS 797:Pt.1: 1982 "Specification for concrete Interlocking Roofing Tiles" specifies the quality of the tiles as a unit from the point of view of Strenght, Impermeability and Durability. All Miri Tiles are highly scrutinized to ensure superior quality and are able to sustain all the qualities of stringent testing, from strength and durability to permeability and water absorption. Standards are so strictly monitored that Miri Tiles not only meet but exceed the requirements recommended by the Malaysian Standard.