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Miri Tiles Industries S/B manufactures tiles of exceptional quality and strength developed through expert blending, high compaction and extrusion of concrete at a constant velocity using the most modern machinery in the country. The result is a tile that is more economical because of far less breakages.

The aesthetic appearance of the Hacienda tiles has been improved and became the most popular profile internationally.

Hacienda's accentuated contours will influence the whole character of your home. This profile is popular because of its versatility. Its rounded design boldly defines and enhances any roofline and the extensive colour selection gives you the freedom to create so many exciting variations.

With Miri Tiles, you have more than just a roof over your head. Miri Tiles offer you beauty, elegance and a flawless finish that retains its rich vibrant colours year-after-year even in the harshness of weather.

Employing Australian technology, Miri Tiles are manufactured using only the finest of materials that deliver the perfect fit for your roofs. They are designed to interlock and not just overlap and this feature makes it ideal for roofs with extraordinary steep gradients.

Our high-tech production line can meet the demand of large scale projects and yet maintain the flawless beauty and functionality of each tile.

When it comes to roof tiles you can be sure of Miri Tiles. Because we put in the right materials to guarantee you uncompromising excellence, versatility, beauty and durability all on one roof.

PROFILE : Miri inter-locking concrete roof tile with weather check. Hacienda profile
MATERIAL : An extruded concrete roof tile with fused colour coat.
APPLICATION : Roof (and wall) covering units for pitches from 10° to 70° depending on rafter lengths and waterproofing treatment.
COMPOSITION : Portland cement, cement-based oxide colour coat, chemical hardening agents and transparent finishing coat.
DIMENSIONS : 438mm x 330mm
WEIGHT (per tile) : 4.8 kilos approximately
TILE COVERAGE : Width 75mm Head Lap. Coverage-9.24 pcs per square meter.
Width 100mm Head Lap. Coverage-9.93 pcs per square meter.
FIXING NAILS : Battering : 10g x 63mm wire nails.
Tiling : 10g x 63mm galvanized nails.
MINIMAL SIZES OF TILING BATTEN : Rafter spacing up to :
600mm with 50 x 25mm batten
900mm with 50 x 50mm batten
1,200mm with 75 x 50mm batten