New Kimanis Town - Three Storey Commercial Shoplot Specifications



New Kimanis Town - Two Storey Commercial Shoplot Progress
1. Building Structure : Reinforced Concrete Structure to Engineer details
2. Brick Wall : Red Burnt Clay Brick Cement Plastered Wall
3. Roofing : Metal Roofing with Steel Truss
4. Ceiling :
a.Ground and First Floor: General emulsion paint to soffit of reinforced concrete slab
b.Second Floor: gypsum board on suspend aluminium tees
c.Toilet: UAC Superflex
5. Wall Finishes :
a.Exterior Wall Paint: General Weather Bond Paint
b.Interior Wall Paint: General Emulsion Paint (White Colour)
c.Toilet Wall Tiles: Glazed ceramic wall tiles up 1500 mm height
6. Floor Finishes :
a.Cement Sand Screed Finishes
b.Toilets: Non-slip Ceramic Tiles
c.Five Foot Walkway: Homogeneous Tiles
7. Windows : Natural Anodized Aluminium Frame with Colour Tinted Glass
8. Doors :
a.Ground Floor Main Door, Back Door and Side Door: Natural Anodized Aluminium Roller Shutter
b.First and Second Floor Entrance Door: Flush Fire Door with Paint finishes
c.Toilet Door: PVC Door Panel on wooden door frame
d.Others: Flush Plywood Doors on wooden door frame with paint finishes
9. Sanitary Installation :
a.Ceramic Wash Basin with Basin Tap: 1 no. per floor
b.Ceramic Two-Piece Toilet Bowl: 2 nos. per floor
10. Water Tank : 3 nos. 200 Gallon Polyethylene Water tank at roof top
11. Staircase Handrail : Mild Steel Handrail