Homelite Resort Double Storey Semi Detached House



Homelite Resort Double Storey Semi Detached House
1. Structure : Reinforced Concrete Grade 20
2. Roofing : Miri Tiles with steel structure
3. Ceiling : 9mm thick Gypsum board to all interior, car porch and patio
UAC Superflex sheet to roof leave
4. Wall Finishes : Red Bricks plastering
Weather shield paint to exterior and emulsion paint to interior
300mm x 600mm porcelain wall tiles up to ceiling height for toilets and wet kitchen
5. Floor Finishes : 600mm x 600mm polished porcelain tiles to living, dining, dry kitchen and ground floor room
300mm x 600mm rough surface porcelain tiles for wet kitchen, balcony and all bathroom
300mm x 600mm porcelain tiles for entry porch
400mm x 400mm matt surface ceramic tiles to first floor and staircase
300mm x 600mm tiles to car porch
6. Staircase Handrail : Stainless Steel wall mounted handrail
7. Windows : White Powder Coated Aluminium frame window with light green tinted glass
8. Doors : Wooden solid door for exterior and toilets with paint finishes
MDF skin door for interior with paint finishes
9. Plumbing : Concealed and stainless steel piping for hot water and poly pipe for cold water to all showers and mixers at bathrooms, wash basins and kitchen sink
10. Gate : Stainless steel sliding gate
11. Sanitary Fittings : Ceramic closed coupled water closet to all toilets
Ceramic wash basin and pedestal with basin mixer to all toilets
Shower mixer and shower rose to all toilets
12. Septic Tank : Polyethylene septic tank
13. Water Tank : 1000 litre stainless steel water tank
14. Gutter : Stainless steel gutter and stainless steel valley gutter
15. Fencing : Front: Stainless steel and plastered brick wall fencing to overall height 1.65m
Rear and Side: 1.65m plastered brick wall fencing
16. Kitchen : One no. of double bowls stainless steel kitchen sink includes a sink mixer with concrete table top at wet kitchen only
17. Others : Mail box and dustbin, conceal alarm wiring, ground floor living room aircond conceal piping, first floor bedroom aircond water drain pipe