Homelite Eco Park Double Storey Terrace



Homelite Eco Park Double Storey Terrace
1. Building Structure : Reinforced Concrete Grade 20
2. Brick Wall : Red burnt clay brick plastered wall
3. Roofing :
a. Main Roof: Miri Tile’s concrete tiles with wooden roof truss
b. Car porch roof: Metal roofing with steel truss
4. Ceiling :
a. Living, dining, bedrooms, toilets, kitchen, store and car porch : Gypsum plastered ceiling (flat design)
b.Roof Leaves: UAC Super flex ceiling
5. Wall Finishes :
a.Exterior wall paint: Jotun weather shield paint
b.Interior wall paint: Emulsion paint (ICI Maxilite White) with skim coat finishes
c.Toilet wall tiles: 300mm x 200mm porcelain tiles
d.Kitchen wall tiles: 300mm x 200mm porcelain tiles
6. Floor Finishes :
a.Living, dining, guest room, and dry kitchen: 600mm x 600mm porcelain tiles
b.Bathrooms: 300mm x 600mm porcelain tiles
c.Store: 300mm x 300mm ceramic tiles
d.Balcony: 300mm x 600mm porcelain tiles
e.Car porch and walkway: Cement screed
f.All first floor bedrooms, hall, and staircase: Laminated flooring
7. Windows : White powder coated aluminium frame with green tinted glass
8. Doors :
a.Door frame (include balcony door): Hardwood
b.Main door: Decorative plywood door with spray finishes
c.All external and toilets: Solid wood door with paint finishes
d.Bedrooms: MDF skin door with paint finishes
e.Store: Louvers plywood door with paint finishes
f.Porch (corner unit): Aluminium sliding door
9. Sanitary Installation :
a.Wet kitchen stove concrete table top with 300mm x 600mm Porcelain Tiles  finishes (2.5 meter length) with 660mm x 365mm hole reserved for cooking hood.
b.Ceramic wash basin with basin mixer and pedestal: 3 nos
c.Ceramic two-piece toilet bowl: 3 nos
d.Washing machine tap: 1 nos
r.Car porch water tap: 1 nos
10. Air-Conditional Point :
a.Living: 1 nos
b.Dining: 1 nos
c.Guest room: 1 nos
d.Master bedroom: 1 nos
e.Bedroom 2: 1 nos
f.Bedroom 3: 1 nos
11. Water Piping : Conduit stainless steel pipe for hot water supply and conduit poly
pipe (with SIRIM approved) for cold water supply
12. Gas Piping : Internal gas piping (not including application, inspection, connection, and installation)
13. Water Tank : Stainless steel water tank, 1000 liters (including water pump wiring only).
14. Staircase Handrail : Stainless steel handrail
15. Balcony : Stainless steel handrail
16. Gate : Stainless steel sliding gate, auto gate conceal piping without wiring
17. Fencing :
a.Corner unit: Half brick half decorative stainless steel fencing to all front
b.Perimeter and partition wall: 5~5.5’ height brick wall
18. Septic Tank : Poly septic tank
19. Flashing : Color-bonded metal flashing
20. Gutter : Color-bonded metal gutter
21. Electricity Supply : 3-phase electricity supply
22. Others : Mailbox, dustbin, TV point (2 nos.), telephone point (2 nos.),
door bell wiring only & alarm wiring