Homelite Eco Park


Lush green atmosphere greets you as you cast a glance at Eco Park 1. With over 80 units of five-storey condominiums as well as a smattering of three-storey semi-Ds and double storey terraces to choose from, Eco Park is for the environmental enthusiast who is looking for a sea change. With lush greenery and nature at your feet, walk through this tree-lined community of yours while taking in the nature-themed landscape, or take a dip in the pool area while looking up at the sky punctuated by the magnificent plantation. This nature-friendly upscale development is just minutes away from Miri Airport for your convenience. With inhouse entertainment and outdoor facilities, this luxurious self-contained living space is sure to meet your needs!


Lavish Condo-Living

Two five-storey blocks of condominiums are the prominent features of Eco Park 1. Now you can enjoy the high life while having a bird’s eye view of your very own natural kingdom! Choose from 3 to 4 bedroom options of classy, exquisite open living at an affordable price. Indulge in the provided multi-tier security, with 24-hour patrol guards, state-of-the-art perimeter CCTV, access card control to the lobby areas, clubhouse and facilities. With a 1 plus 1 carpark spot for every unit, be the first to experience this value for luxury condo-living lifestyle!

A Natural Future

Natural is the new Big Apple. Eco Park is conceptualized to create a harmonious balance between human innovation and nature’s own beauty. Following the current nature conscious movement, Eco Park capitalizes on introducing a healthy living concept fusing illustrious body balancing and soul soothing with a flora-fauna touch! Artfully designed surroundings crafted to pacify the physique of a hectic modern life, Eco Park is your natural choice for a natural home.

Home in a Home

Make use of the clubhouse for a pool party and impress your guests with a swim in the pool. If a picnic is what suits you, throw something on the BBQ pit! Enjoy the convenience of watching your child take his or her first swim in the padding pool, or simply slip into the gym for some much needed stress release at the end of your young, professional life. A jogging track and putting field takes you across to a fresh-air outdoors experience while you work your body in ease. From the cafeteria, to the children’s playground and surau, Eco Park offers convenience for dining, leisure and traditions!