Eco Park 2


Riding on the back of the popularity of the Eco concept, Homelite once again brings to life the concept of the natural home, this time with a refined twist. Eco Park 2 offers the undeniable peaceful lifestyle in the form of the traditional house with semi-Ds, and terrace houses. Buyers who are looking for a bite of the environmentally-conscious living space need look no further as Eco Park 2 is strategically located steps away from the Airport Road-Lambir precinct.


Garden Glory

Each unit sits on your very own gorgeous garden. Highlighting nature, each garden is delicately adorned with greenery. Personalize your piece of paradise and brighten up your abode with your choice of flora and fauna. Then lounge in your garden glory as you wave across to your neighbours who are also at peace. Eco Park 2 will change your perception of a ‘green home’ utopia and transport you to paradise.

Spacious Comfort

Sprawling grounds are available at an affordable price. Compared to its contemporaries, Eco Park 2 houses are designed to maximize the living area. Thoughtfully-arranged corridors and room sizes are plotted to achieve the best use of space. Ergonomically sound concepts are applied throughout all house plans to ensure that every single square inch allows you to move at ease and navigate your home in contentment. Keeping the idea of mind, body and spirit as priority, you are sure to discover an Eco Park 2 house that fulfills your natural self and compliments the peak of your motions be it physically or mentally.